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TeL-DaTa offers our customers an economic solution to a complete new phone system. Many of the same brand systems we sell new are also available refurbished. These phone systems are a savings of up to 60%. While some phone system components may not be available, the larger priced components usually are. TeL-DaTa's suppliers offer warranties on the refurbished equipment and we have had great success in using these products. We would also like to give you a piece of "buyers beware" information. A few phone system sales and installation companies have been utilizing refurbished equipment without the customer's knowledge. If you have gotten an estimate on your phone system and it seems "too good to be true", it is possible the company is quoting you refurbished equipment. TeL-DaTa stands behind the products we sell and install whether the product is new or refurbished. We offer you choices up front so you are aware of what you are getting.

Another opportunity TeL-DaTa has to offer is used phone system equipment. These systems are systems we have taken out of a customers business, simply because they have outgrown it or would like to upgrade to a newer model. When TeL-DaTa acquires a system this way, we clean it up and test it thoroughly and offer it to customers who could benefit from the savings. Again, TeL-DaTa stands behind everything we sell and just as before, we will offer you a warranty on a used system as well.

TeL-DaTa believes this is a great opportunity for small businesses that are just getting started. It allows you to save a great deal of money on a quality phone system until your business gets more established before spending thousands on a new phone system.TeL-DaTa has had great success in installing refurbished and/or used phone systems.

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