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Things To Know

TeL-DaTa has built its business on customer service and honesty. Although everyone is in business to make money we feel the best way to do this is to be fair and honest. The Owner and Founder of TeL-DaTa has always been a believer in being trustworthy as well as his good friend and colleague Cecil Tison who has been in telephony for over 44 years. Cecil Tison once owned Business Communications which serviced many businesses in Central Florida. Today TeL-DaTa has many of Cecil's original customers and still provides them with the same great customer service at reasonable rates.

TeL-DaTa specializes in Structured Wiring and Business Phone Systems. We want the everyday business owner to know some critical points when it comes to choosing a company to wire or provide your communications needs, without getting taken advantage of.

Structured Wiring:

The key to successful communications, whether for voice or computer communications, is structured wiring. The quality of the products and equipment being used for your communications is important, just as important is the quality of the workmanship in the installation.

Communication wiring is a specialized field, requiring training to be certified. The standards for structured wiring are set by Bicsi (Building Industry Consulting Services, International). Bicsi utilizes codes and standards nationwide set forth by organizations such as OSHA.

TeL-DaTa has been certified by Bicsi as a Level ΙΙ Structured Wiring Installer. The owner and lead wiring technician have been installing wiring for communications for over 30 years and they are very conscientious about their quality of workmanship and that of the employees.

In our experience, TeL-DaTa has had situations arise where the structured wiring has been improperly installed, causing communications equipment to be inoperable. At times it is due to customers trying to cut costs by allowing electricians to install the communications wiring at the same time they install the electrical wiring. Although it may sound like a good idea to save on costs; TeL-DaTa does not recommend it. Communication wiring is very different from electrical wiring, and most electricians are not trained or knowledgeable in the specialty field of communication wiring.

Structured wiring is the backbone of your communications, without proper installation of your structured wiring even the most expensive communication systems will not work to their ability. So, let an experienced, certified and knowledgeable communications installer install your structured wiring.

TeL-DaTa installs the best, neatly organized and correctly labeled communication cabling in central Florida at affordable prices. Please call and let us give you a free estimate on your structured wiring.

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