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Toshiba DK 424i Toshiba DK 40i
DK424i revolutionary "building block" design lets you start small with a one cabinet system that provides capacity for 16 CO lines and 32 telephones, then grow to a five cabinet system that provides capacity for 200 CO lines or 336 telephones. You can even locate cabinets remotely from the base cabinet to meet the needs of a distributed configuration. Handles all features of the DK14 and DK40i but also advanced features such as voice over IP, ACD/MIS functions, T1, ISDN, hotel management etc. Integrate remote employees into your main system.

Strata DK40i provides capacity for up to 12 CO lines and 28 telephones including many combinations of digital and analog stations.

Capability for caller ID, computer telephone integration, voice mail integration, toll restriction, auto busy redial, direct inward dialing right to users extensions, etc.

For small businesses, the Strata DK40i, digital business telephone systems offer a solution that fits your needs.

Toshiba DK 16 DK 16
The Toshiba DK 16 KSU is an all digital cabinet. The base cabinet is preconfigured for 4 phone line and 8 telephone and can be expanded to 8 Lines and 16 Stations with expansion KSU.

Capability for caller ID, computer telephone integration, voice mail integration, auto busy redial, etc. Toll restriction capabilities can limit toll calls for users if specified.

With the Strata DK16 you've got a solid plan for controlling operational costs and increasing productivity.

Toshiba Phones
DK 2020SD with optonal console Features
Toshiba DKT 2020SD is a 20 button phone with a speaker and display. This phone is compatible with Toshiba DK14, DK16, DK40, DK40i, DK280, DK424, DK424i, CTX100 and CTX670 systems.

Features include: Programmable 20 LED Buttons, Telephone Line Appearances, Direct Station Selection, One-Touch Speed Dial, Intercom, Speaker On/Off, Message Waiting, Last Number Redial, Conference, Transfer, Hold and Volume Control.
DK 2010SD Features
Toshiba DKT 2010SD is a digital multi-line speaker telephone with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The DKT2010SD has 10 flexible buttons which can be used as programmable features or co lines. The DKT2010SD is compatible with all Toshiba Strata DK Systems.

DKT 2010SD features include: digital display, speaker phone, line button with LED, hold button, conference/transfer button, message waiting button, and volume button.
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