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Norstar Systems Norstar Features
The Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (ICS) is a key system designed for growing small to medium businesses and is expandable up to 272 ports. Advanced integrated applications include voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, enhanced call centers and speech recognition. The Modular ICS can grow with your business through the addition of trunk and station modules as you need them.

• Modular ICS Core Unit includes 2 universal slots for use with analog and digital line/trunk cartridges
• Core Unit supports 32 station ports
• Allows growth up to 272 ports in various combinations of lines and expansion levels
• Supports Analog Station Modules for the addition of analog single line devices (e.g. single line telephones, fax, modem, etc.)
• Supports ISDN-BRI, PRI, and T1 digital services as well as point-to-point communications and private networking between locations
• Compatible with voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, and enhanced call centers
• All Norstar phones (M7000 Series, T7000 Series, Norstar Cordless Phones) are compatible with Modular ICS 7.0 software Basic control unit configured for 0 lines and 32 station ports providing flexibility to add analog or digital line/trunk cards
• New Features and Hardware for Release 7.0
• Digital/analog telephone support on station modules installed on ports 13 and 14 on a mega system (MICS-XC software)
• An additional 32 target lines have been added to the core system for mega systems
• Compatibility with Norstar Networks Digital Mobility system
Norstar CICS Cics Features
Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System continues the standards set by Norstar for providing user-friendly business communications. The base Norstar CICS comes configured to support up to 4 incoming lines and up to 16 extensions.

The Norstar Compact ICS is flexible, expanding with your business easily and cost effectively. Because of its building block design, you can start with 4 incoming lines and 8 extensions or 4 lines and 16 extensions, and grow to 8 incoming lines and 24 extensions with software and system expansion cartridges.

• From 4 to 8 lines and 8 to 24 telephone extensions
• Voicemail, automated attendant, and internal fax switch support
• Supports all Norstar and Business Series phones
• Modular, scalable design
• High bandwidth to the desktop
Meridian Norstar Telephones

Norstar 7310 7310 Features
This fully-featured telephone is designed for users with more extensive calling and call handling requirements. In addition to 10 programmable line or feature buttons, 12 dual-function memory buttons provide quick access to 24 additional frequently-used features or autodial numbers, ideal for users who often call the same customers, suppliers, or accounts. With its 2-line by 16-character LCD Window, and soft keys, the M7310 is extremely easy to use.

Add a Busy Lamp Field (BLF) to the M7310 and see the status of as many as 24 telephones. Excellent for receptionist and secretary positions who need to know whether a phone is idle, busy, or on "Do Not Disturb" before transferring a call.

Norstar 7316 7316 Features
The Norstar T7316E provides access to twenty-four memory buttons, sixteen of which include multi-segment icons for fast and precise decision making. It is designed for high-call volume positions requiring access to extensive system features. Norstar T7316 telephones are designed with you in mind.

Modular design: Allows the Norstar T7316E phone to be deployed anywhere as a feature-rich standalone solution; or, by adding the T24 Key Indicator Module, as a Central Answering Position for efficient call routing.
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