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IP Cameras

An IP Camera is a stand-alone device which allows you to view live, full motion video from anywhere in the world. IP Cameras can be used for surveillance of both homes and businesses. With the ability to record live video to a remote location, IP Cameras allow you to make sure your recorded video is safe by storing it at a location that only you can access.

These Network Cameras can be connected directly to existing IP networks, eliminating the need for separate and expensive coaxial cable networks. Images can be viewed and cameras managed from anywhere via a web browser, plus any hard disk on the network can be set up to record the video output.

2 way audio allow users to communicate with what they are seeing (e.g. Gas station clerk assisting a customer on how to use the prepay pumps).

LED lighting which is used for Night vision. This feature gives users the ability to view low light areas, known as Night Vision.

No business is too big, no home is too small.
At TeL-DaTa we can install your IP Cameras for a variety of different applications such as;

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