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  Atlas 500 Digital PBX
The Atlas EX-500 system is a digital state-of-the-art 2-wire telephone system. The system's main cabinet can support up to 7 card slots and 112 ports. Each CO card takes a slot and yields 8 CO positions. Each DSU card takes a slot and yields 16 Digital Phone Ports. Each SLT-16 takes a card slot and yields 16 analog or single line station ports. Each expansion cabinet has 5 slots and supports up to 80 additional ports, a total of four expansion cabinets can be stacked with the main cabinet to yield a total of 432 usable ports. The main cabinet CCU supports the system processors, SMDR, and system services like paging, MOH, tones, etc. The Atlas EX-500 can support up to 4 T-1 cards. Each T-1 card uses 2 card slots. The system is extremely feature rich and can be equipped with the WAV PC based Voice Processing System for a very robust call processing platform or the IM1200 Voice Processing System, far less expensive, but still feature rich platform. The system can also be equipped with the InnFone call accounting and Billing System, (IBIS) when Hotel applications are desired. The Atlas EX-500 system utilizes the same Digital phones as the EX-30 and the EX-60D systems. These are the KD-24D, DL-24D.

  Atlas 32 System
Smallest of the Atlas line, the Atlas 32 is a 32-port system. Usually a port means either a line input or a station input. The KSX 32 fully expands from 4 lines and 8 stations configuration to a 8 lines and 24 stations. The stations can be expanded in expanded in increments of 8 by adding cards to the system. The available station cards are: 8EKT--Electronic Key Telephone; 8-UNV--universal, that is, choose on the card SLT or EKT; 8-SLT--Single Line Telephone. The SLT and the UNV card can run normal analog devices such as modems, fax, cordless ones, and the like. The EKT can run only the proprietary multi-button telephones made for the Atlas or Salta telephone systems.

Some Of The Atlas 32 Features
Atlas telephones are equipped with eleven set feature keys which allow virtually one button activation of the most commonly used functions; including hold, transfer, conference, speed dial, redial, flash, page, do not disturb, program, release and call pick up. Atlas telephones also offer up to twenty-four programmable keys that allow customizing for individual user needs.

Telephone management functions such as L.C.D. (Liquid Crystal Display) phones, speaker phones, account codes, off premise call forward, auto-redial of busy numbers (up to 99 times), automatic day/night service, red and green line use lights, comprehensive toll restrictions with executive override and station message detail reporting make the Atlas an effective business tool. These are just a few highlights of the many Atlas capabilities.

Executive Display Phones offer extreme flexibility and increased productivity for the busy executive. Both the 2 line 32 Character Display and the 8 line 20 Character Large Screen Display Telephone keep you informed of call status conditions. In addition to the fixed feature keys, you may configure the flexible programmable buttons to meet individual needs. A top quality speakerphone gives you a convenient and effective communication tool.

The Systems' unique blend of sophisticated digital technology, ease of use and operational flexibility make it the ideal system for business. Combining the latest hardware advances with innovative software, its modular design allows the system to be tailored to suit the exact requirements of any business with full availability of services in smaller configurations and the capacity for easy, cost-effective growth as a company grows.
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