Designed for companies with up to 100 users, the Allworx 24x system is a state-of-the art communications system. The system integrates a feature-rich phone system and robust data network system with advanced features that substantially improve your company's productivity while saving you on-going costs. The integrated T1/PRI (voice) and T1 (data) capability provides even more cost savings and reliability than any other offer in the industry.
Phone System Network Server Advanced Features
Full PBX & Key System
Remote User
Site-to-Site Access
Unified Messaging
Voice Over Internet
Automated Back-up
Email / Web Server
Internet Security
LAN Management
WAN Access
Call Assistant
Call Queuing
Group Calendaring
Internet Call Access
Finally, you have an exciting, new communications technology that is designed specifically for small and medium businesses. The Allworx 24x provides enterprise-class features such as integrated T1/PRI and T1 data capability and multiple conference bridges. This system also delivers all of the other commonly offered Allworx system features such as custom call routing, presence management, call center control, remote user access, and site-to-site connectivity that delivers direct savings and productivity gains to your business. The Allworx 24x provides the flexibility for businesses to chose from a number of different connections to access both voice and data (T1, T1/PRI, Cable, DSL).

1. Phone System

Integrated digital T1/PRI circuit and four built in 8-seat conference bridges. Includes full featured Key or PBX system functionality. Supports all standard Allworx features such as analog and VoIP phones, multi-site calling, and easy installation for remote phone users. Connect up to 100 users and 100 system extensions.

2. Network Server

Built in support for up to two (2) T1 data circuits. Full LAN router functionality supporting your PCs, printers, servers, and other peripherals. Provides public WAN to external networks. Built in NAPT-NAT protocols provide powerful protection from hackers. Email server that manages receipt and distribution of users email supporting both POP3 and SMTP. It easily integrates into your existing network - or can function as your complete network server. Allworx Office Safe is included with your system, enabling an automated scheduled backup of all your data and application files on the Allworx system.

3. Advanced Features

Create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that provides secure Internet access for remote employees or directly connects two office locations. Schedule meetings in a flash using our Group Calendaring feature. Live answer position for operators and receptionists to manage incoming calls via the Allworx Call Assistant software tool. Manage multiple incoming calls with Allworx Call Queuing software option. Allows businesses to easily distribute incoming calls to specific groups via pre-defined queues. Internet Call Access software option allows businesses to send and receive calls over the Internet. This option is required when you want to call directly between multiple Allworx sites or when you want to connect the Allworx system to an ITSP.
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